Science News: May 20th 2014, The Longitude Prize and the Odón Device

I will be on James Coleman on May 21st talking about The Longitude prize and the Odón device.
The Longitude prize is a 10 Million pound purse that has been established cooperatively between the UK’s Technology Strategy Board and NESTA in order to encourage innovation around a major challenge in science by anyone (maybe you).

Today the announcement was made and 6 possible challenges have been set for the public to choose between. Once the public has decided which challenge they want the prize to be set for the race will be on. Awarding this prize will probably take years if the last Longitude prize is any indication (see the link to the history of the prize below).

The 6 potential challenges are:


1)   Paralysis, restore movement for those who have been paralyzed.

2)   Dementia, allows those with dementia to live independently for longer.

3)   Water, solve the delsalination problem.

4)   Food, come up with the next food innovation.

5)   Antibiotics, how can we identify the appropriate antibiotics to use cheaply, safely, quickly and easily.

6)   Flight, invent 0 carbon emission flight.


You can learn more about the challenges on the longitude prize website.

The history of the Longitude prize as well as John Harrison’s winning device can be found on Wikipedia.


The inspiring New York Times write up of the Argentinian car mechanic who invented the Odón Device can be found here. The youtube video that inspired Jorge Odón can be viewed here:


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