Soil Sampling: A bacteriophage : a tube of dirt as a human being : ______ _____________.

Phage Hunt NZ

A student question I received this week by e-mail:

In regards to our soil samples, would it be best to collect them in the morning or can we do it today?

I’ve mapped out all of my places, I just want to get the best quality sample and don’t want to damage any phages that (hopefully) lurk within by collecting too far in advance.

My off-the-cuff-answer:

Great question! 

You can gather your soil sample any time between yesterday and Wednesday. The difference in being in a tube and being in the soil from the perspective of a phage is probably undetectable. It’s like if our solar system is in our galaxy or has been transported to another galaxy! We won’t know the difference.

The student is probably thinking: but, is it REALLY like that? I was wondering several days later as well… is it REALLY like THAT?

A bacteriophage is many…

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