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Experimental Evolution OF Evolution.

Evolution is something the vast majority of the 21st century agrees on. TV shows like the big bang theory have created a cosy little bandwagon where after an 8 hour shift, Joe blow can switch off to the terminology and … Continue reading

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What in the heck is Convergent evolution? An explanation, and how scientists study it.

Growing up I was always obsessed with the universe and the life it birthed. Atoms forged and fired from dying stars at the outer reaches of the cosmos travelling eons to coalesce into a cloud of universal dust. Gravity taking … Continue reading

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How much do small changes actually matter?

Many, many small things in the world add up to big things. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of these: Acts of kindness Pieces of plastic Mutations in bacteria Wait what?? One of these isn’t like the others… A brief … Continue reading

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You’ve heard about measles, you’ve probably even heard about smallpox… but what do you know about polio?

Feeling feverish? It could be the outcome of a fevered excitement to read this article, or it could be polio. Polio, also known as poliomyelitis (let’s stick with polio), is a highly contagious illness that can, along with fever, induce … Continue reading

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Finding Sequels

I’ve always, always, always loved animals. As a kid, I wanted to be a vet (“also an actor,” thought this 30-something genetics student, “kids are weird”). My Mum worked at a Safari Park in the UK, which didn’t help, as … Continue reading

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Antibiotics in Agriculture: We Can’t Afford It.

Poultry and Pigs combined are 2% of the animal weight we put in our denominator but these two groups consume 34% or 22,000 kgs of antibiotics sold for agriculture each year. Continue reading

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Taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

Picture it. You are a larva, freshly hatched from an egg, and squirming around with just one goal. Survive. How best to survive? Well, you need food pronto; you’ve literally never been hungrier in your life!! You survey your options, … Continue reading

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A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there

Experimental evolution is not a subject that I would describe as being within my comfort zone. This may explain the interesting experience I have had with this topic and why my appreciation for experimental evolution has grown considerably. In many ways, lack of … Continue reading

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One Guppy to Rule Them All.

Trying to find a paper on experimental evolution wasn’t an easy task for me. I found papers that I thought were interesting, but were lacking in experimental evolutionary methods and others that bored me to death. Personally guppies are what come to mind … Continue reading

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Sorry for killing you, I thought you were someone else.

Legionella pneumophila is the bacteria behind legionnaires disease, a severe disease with high mortality rates, but it infects you accidentally… But what do they mean when they say “accidental”? Is it like when I accidentally ate that whole pack of … Continue reading

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